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Man and Van and Removal Companies, Entrepreneurship adn the Recession

The recession and increasing unemployment rates in the UK, forces people to make money from alternative to employment sources. Not too many would disagree that running a business requires risk taking. Our ability to take risks however is tend to change in the harsh economic environment.

According to the statistics published in 2009 by the Companies House; at the time of recession the number of new business entities raise steeply. This new wave of entrepreneurs most often choose to offer a man and van or/and removal services. This kind of business doesn't require a large investment or highly skilled personnel. The man and van and the removal services delivered by a sole trader (a man with a van) can be characterised not only by the low running costs of such a business entity but a manageable by a single person business structure.

The man and van and small removal businesses are normally managed by one person. The skills required to run the man and van business or a small removal company are:

- Driving skills and a knowledge of the local street map.
- Good communication and persuasive skills.
- A trustworthy and friendly personality.
- Diplomacy - man and van must be able to peacefully resolve disputes which may arise while delivering the service.
- Have clear understanding of the relationship marketing and its meaning to the businesses.
- Must be capable to keep the private and business finances separately.

The assets of a man and van business or a small removal company are normally limited to a vehicle (van), trolleys and blankets. On the other hand, the experienced removal firm owners argue that the most valuable and important to the successful removal business is a well established brand and a strong on-line presence.

The biggest challenge to all kind of businesses is the market entry. Where the newly established removal companies or man and van organisations do get their business from? According to the research we conducted in London, most of the low budget man and van businesses advertise their services in Gumtree.com and other ethnic websites targeting London community. The removal companies, normally organisations run by more then one individual, utilise in addition to Gumtree.com local press and Google AdWords and other pay per click systems.

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